Edition 2024

Table of contents

1. Registration

I registered on butterfly-training.fr but did not receive any confirmation email.

You may have a problem with your email, please check the items below:
  • Please check your junk mail folder
  • Did you provide the correct email address, spelt correctly?

2. Training Courses

2.1 What are the technical prerequisites to attend online courses?

  • Audio: Your computer must be equipped with headsets or speakers.
  • Internet access: You must have an internet access with a minimum flow of 512Kb for video streaming.
  • PDF reader: you need a PDF reader to download documents (certificate, invoices…).
  • Plug-in: Our training material is designed to run with Flash Player 9, which can be downloaded free from Adobe.
  • Web browsers: Our online training is designed to work with most browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

2.2 Can I stop the training course at any time?

Yes. You can log in or out as often as you wish. You can interrupt training anytime. Whether you need a break or your session shuts down unexpectedly, we always restart the course from the point you last had access.

When restarted, the system will automatically bring you back where you stopped.

2.3 Who can I contact if I have a problem while I am taking the course?

You can contact us anytime. Please fill a form on our contact page.

2.4 I failed at the final exam. Can I retake it?

Yes, if you failed it once. All trainees are given two attempts to complete the final exam.

2.5 I lost my username/password. What should I do?

Contact the manager from whom you received the login details.

Contact us in other cases.

3. Certificates

3.1 The trainee has finished the course but I have not received the certificate, what should I do?

You may have a problem with your email, please log in at manager area and download it.

3.2 I made a mistake in the trainee’s first or last name, is it possible to amend a certificate?

Yes, the procedure is as follows:

1. Please log in at Manager Area
2. Click on “Amend a Certificate”
3. Select Certificate
4. Enter the correct first name and last name of the trainee
5. You will receive the amended certificate via email once approved by staff

3.3 I made a mistake on the company name, is it possible to amend a certificate?

Please use the contact page to send us a request to issue the certificate.

4. Payment Options

4.1 What are my payment options?

You have to pay with your bank card. It is a simple and a secure process thanks to SSL protection.

4.2 What makes your payment secure?

  • The various stages of the payment process between you and Ogone are fully encrypted and protected. The protocol used is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) linked with e-banking.
  • This means that information linked to the order and the bankcard number do not circulate unencrypted on the internet.
  • The bankcard number is not printed out onto documents, invoices, credit card receipts or other print-outs.
  • Butterfly does not record or access client bank payment details.
  • Paybox does not keep card numbers once the payment transaction has been transmitted to the merchant’s bank. This means that nobody has access to your card details either electronically or via print-outs.
  • As a consequence, it is safer for you to pay by bankcard on our website than in most local shops!