Version 2024


1. Connection procedure

1.1 Click on Trainee Log-In

1.2 Enter your username and password to log-in

1.3 Access your dashboard

1.4 To continue/start your course, click on the button

1.5 You can now start and stop your training at any time. Click on the "resume" button each time you reconnect

2. Trainee support

2.1 When you first log in, click on the “Ressources” tab at the top of the course

2.2 You can then download the “Trainee support”

3. My screen is blank and I can't start my training. What should I do?

3.1 This is a plug-in problem

You need to download Flash Player 9.

3.2 This is a problem with Pop-ups, so you must allow them:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Edge

If none of these solutions work, please contact our IT service

4. If you take training,,,,

4.1 Final test

To take your final test, you need to call the person who enrolled you in the course so that they can give you access to your final test:

  • In the box name and first name, your manager enters their name and first name (the person who registered you for the training).
  • In the box access to the final test, enter the access code that was sent to your manager in the registration email for the training and click in the small square.