Practical manager's guide

Edition 2024

Table of contents

1. Connection

1.1 Click on Manager Log-In

1.2 Enter your username and password to log-in

2. How do I register a trainee for a course?

2.1 From your dashboard, click on “Purchase Training

2.2 Select the training from the catalog and click on “Add to cart

*Select language and frequency if necessary

2.3 Then click on “Purchase”

2.4 You arrive on the trainee selection page

From this page, you have two options:

1) Add a new trainee (if the trainee has never been registered)

Click on the “Add new trainee user” button
Enter the trainee's first and last name then click “Add”

2) Choose a trainee who is already registered

Use the search tab to find your trainee(s)
Fill in the name in the dedicated box
Then click on the blue cart icon next to the trainee's name
His or her name then appears at the bottom right of your screen, confirming that you have indeed selected to take the course

2.5 You can select as many trainees as you need for this course using the same procedure; the amount displayed increases each time you select a new trainee

2.6 Click on “Next” and then accept the terms and conditions

At the end of the process, you will receive a confirmation email summarizing your order and registered trainees.

Provide the login credentials and passwords to your trainees so they can log in to their accounts and take the training.

At the end of their training, you will receive an email with their individual certificates of completion.

3. How can you be notified of registrations that have not been started?

3.1 Click on “My profile

3.2 Then “Edit”

3.3 Select the frequency and deadline with the inscription

3.4 Click on “Submit”

4. Training management

4.1 Where can I find a training certificate?

1st method: From your dashboard, click on “Certified Trainees”. You can search for your certificate using the trainee's name, first name or ID

2nd method: From your dashboard, click on “Training Passed”. You can search for your certificate using the trainee's name, first name or ID. Then click on “Actions” and “Certificate

4.2 How do I change the name and/or company name on a certificate?

From your dashboard, click on “Amend a Certificate”

Select your certificate then click on “Amend” on the right

Enter the correctly spelled name and first name in the fields and/or the company name and then click on “Submit changes

You will receive the certificate with the new spelling by email

4.3 How to download a certificate of attendance?

4.4 How do I cancel a training order that has not been started?

5. How can I find out about training renewal alerts?

5.1 Click on “Training to Renew”

5.2 From this area, you can access the training renewal form

  • In salmon, the trainings whose renewal date has been exceeded
  • In yellow, the trainings whose renewal must be done between tomorrow and 3 months
  • In white, the trainings that must be renewed between 3 and 6 months

5.3 If the trainee is no longer part of your workforce, you can remove them from the list by clicking on the “Actions” button

6. Training conventions

6.1 I need training conventions. Where can I find them?

From your dashboard, click on “Conventions

6.2 How do I download conventions reports (attached to an agreement)?

7. How do I create a new manager?

7.1 From your dashboard, click on “Add/Update Trainee Managers

You will receive an email confirming the creation of your manager with a username and password to access his dashboard

To delete or modify it, go back to the “Add/Update Trainee Managers” tab, then click on the “Actions” box that is located to the right of the first and last name of the manager in question

8. How do I change my e-mail address?

8.1 Click on “My profile”

8.2 Then click on “Edit

8.3 Finally, change your e-mail address in the field provided

8.4 Click on “Submit”

9. How do I reset the trainee's password?

The manager, through their dashboard, can reset the trainee's password by clicking on “Trainees”, then on “Actions

During the order, an identifier and a password are provided:

• This password is temporary and must be changed at the first connection and the old one, should no longer be used
• Note that trainees can reset their password at any time if they have a personal email address

10. Invoices and payments

10.1 How to add/modify a purchase order number to an already generated invoice?

Click on "Local Edit"

Enter the purchase order or correct the existing one, then click on the button:

NB: this is the only element that you can modify on the invoice

10.2 How do I pay an invoice that has blocked my account?

When you have outstanding bills of more than 3 months, the system automatically suspends your account. You still have access to your bills, which you can download and pay immediately.

You can pay your invoice immediately by clicking on the “Pay now” button.

10.3 How are you notified of late payments?

Each time you log-in, if you have outstanding invoices of more than 2 months old, an alert message is displayed